Bring your school administrators, teachers and edtech team to learn the latest technologies for collaborative experiential learning in
primary and secondary classrooms and transform learning to meet international standards for technology literacy, knowledge deepening
and knowledge creation.Shadow teachers already implementing the ALTE model that promotes UNESCO ICT CFT standards and
contributes toward creating innovative classrooms as advocated by the OECD.
This course identifies the competences and skills that make someone entrepreneurial, so that these can be promoted in organisations,
enterprises and business, the education sector and among citizens, as well as toward success in entrepreneurship. This training focuses
on helping students develop capacities to act upon opportunities and ideas, and transform them into financial, cultural, or social value for
others. The course includes understanding a growth mindset and on developing skills within the EntreComp framework.
Includes membership in the International Knowledge Building Community of Practice for Teachers
This course identifies the components of a marketing program that professionals might implement in a variety of settings, from
enterprises to nonprofits, public sector specializations to cultural events. It also prepares participants to guide their students in a
journey of discovery regarding their strengths and talents that will prepare them as future professionals in this ever-changing field.
We are committed to the common goals as articulated by the EU-YOUTH strategy by the European Commission
in recognizing the need to provide equal opportunities for young people in education and in the labor market. This
means we target professionals working in the field for professional development opportunities supported by our
courses. Likewise, these were designed to help organizations meet the goals of the European Commission's 2020
Entrepreneurship Action Plan to unleash Europe's entrepreneurial potential and reignite a culture of entrepreneurship
in Europe by providing entrepreneurial education and training to support growth and business creation while nurturing
a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Knowledge Building in Action partners with European training facilities and other learning platforms to offer Erasmus+
Key Action 1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals. Applications for Erasmus+ funding to cover the cost of courses for
school education faculty and staff, vocational education (VET) staff and adult education staff are available throughout
the year. Resources are cited for your convenience.
It’s a great time to be a female entrepreneur. There are plenty of trailblazers who have fought the battles and have pushed through
adversity to find success in this previously male-dominated field. This course will take a look at successful women entrepreneurs
changing the world with their businesses while exploring ways to empower other women to do the same by learning how to identify
the potential and challenges of becoming successful women entrepreneurs. It also features Entrecomp skills and mindset training.

Phenomenon Learning (also known as teaching by topics or project-based learning) is a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching about
real-world problems and challenges. Students investigate phenomena associated with societal challenges by asking their own questions,
researching facts, and delivering an answer or solution. Phenomenon learning is an effective and enjoyable way to earn because it
engages the student, who develops deeper learning competencies required for success in college, career, and civic life.
Customized Courses
Throughout the years we have created customized courses to address specific needs of beneficiaries, These can be taken online on
in Barcelona as a component of a KA1 mobility project. Send us a note stipulating the subject matter of a customized course you
would like prepared.
Knowledge Building in Action
The “Four C’s” of Future Education - Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity - equate to 21st Century skills,
critical learning skills that are needed for success in school, at work and in life. This course is directed to those who want to improve
their pedagogical and androgogical practices by integrating the “Four C’s” into their classrooms. Includes membership in the International
Knowledge Building Community of Practice for ongoing professional development, networking and mentoring on the use of ICTs in the
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The general objective of HOST ERASMUS+ is to strengthen the staff capacities to act as organizers of programming required of a hosting
institution for Erasmus+ Program actions. Learning Outcomes include acqiring in-depth knowledge of project reporting requirements for
European projects; comprehend the obligations for visibility and communication / dissemination of the results of European projects, prepare
to deal with obligations resulting from audits, if any; understand the importance of project monitoring and evaluation, including setting up
tools and assessing a project  
Social entrepreneurship relates to doing good in a sustainable manner. The idea that social entrepreneurs are fundamental to our society
and our ability to provide solutions to the myriad of social problems. Social entrepreneurship is important within a social context because
these activities generate a positive return to society. The difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship stems from
the purpose of a venture; social entrepreneurs seek to transform societies at large rather than improving their profit margin, as mainstream
entrepreneurs typically seek to do.
Shadowing is aimed at enriching the professional, cultural and technical aspects of a job in education, enterprises,nonprofits and the
public sector. This course offers the opportunity to spend some time abroad to explore the training methodologies, teaching materials
and tools used to acquire skills and ability to report back to your country and adopt in turn. The activities foreseen by this path are a
great way to expand your network and get new insights on work and training, applying the best you have learned to your work
environment -
an experience that is an especially strong added value for teachers and trainers who can in this way exchange
knowledge and teaching method.
This course is focused on strengthening the capacity of nonprofit organizations to host European volunteers to change lives. It was designed
for organizations working with special needs such as physical, mental and emotional disabilities, conservation and social issues such as
marginalisation, as a partnership-building activity. It is specially focused on explore the possibilities, advantages and concerns of having a
European volunteer, regardless of age.

Shadowing for school faculty allows teachers, administrators and technology staff to follow colleagues in their daily activities so that once

completed the course, participants can return to their countries of origin to incorporate innovation and technology in the classroom.
Our team of professionals are Master's and Ph.D.-level instructional design specialists in different
fields and sectors that enables them to design, deliver and certify courses and other training
programming that we can offer world-wide.

Additionally, we have developed a wide range of external partners, from universities to accredited
professionals, to
involve them in the development of materials and delivery of training options that augment our offerings. Thus, we
are able to quickly respond to inquiries and provide innovative solutions to the training needs of organizations - from
primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational
education, the public, private and nonprofit sectors, as well as business
and entrepreneurs. We are especially dedicated to serving those seeking solutions based in information and
ommunication technologies (ICTs) and representing disadvantaged communities and target groups.

Our specialisation is developing coursework in English with native-speaking instructors, although many of our courses
are in other languages.
Offering in-country and online courses
meeting the professional development
needs of teachers, trainers and faculty,
managers and executives in education,
and the public, private and nonprofit
Facilitating online interactions for
training, language learning and
project management. Navigate
to the site
A complete ecosystem that
supports UNESCO ICT
Competency Framework
for Teaching for technology
literacy, knowledge deepening
and knowledge creation.

Still need help in crafting
your application for an
upcoming deadline? Send
us a note to our email at and
we will contact you directly
with support materials you
will need. We work with our
partners Global Skills Network,
the Erasmus+ specialists in
Barcelona, to collaborate on
mobility projects.
Most of our courses take place in Barcelona, Spain - the
innovation capital of the Mediterranean region. Scheduled
courses take place on specific dates at specific locations
within the metropolitan area. Scheduled courses can also
take place in other Spanish cities such as Granada, Pamplona
and Valencia and cities throughout Catalonia such as Girona,
Tarragona and Lleida. On-demand courses are tailored to
the training needs of beneficiaries and can be delivered in
Spain or at any location in Europe on an
customized schedule -
agreed-upon date and location. The minimum number of
participants required to create an on-demand course is eight.

Scheduled course fees are per participant while the fees for
on-demand courses are calculated by the group.
aterial and a training manual for implementing the course
in classroom environments is included.

Local transportation passes are ideal for Barcelona, as these
can be used
on the metro/subway, trams and public buses
to easily reach any point in the metropolitan area.

Before and after the course: A dossier with information
material about the host city is given to every participant. For
Barcelona participants, a
city guided tour and entrance to
cultural activity venue is included in the course fees.

Certificate of Attendance and Certificate of Completion with
learning outcomes and Europass are presented to all participants
who successfully complete the course, with copies sent to the
sponsoring organization to include in their reporting to their
National Agency.

The fee does not include travel to and from Spain,

accommodations or meals.

Costs can be funded from Erasmus+ KA1 grants.
In-Country Courses
Pre-register for our courses without
commitment. Payment is required only
when funding is secured and final plans
are made to travel to the site where the
classes are held. Courses are planned
mainly for European Union Erasmus+
KA1 projects, but are open to all.
Courses will take place only when
there are enough final registrations.
You are also welcome as a private
participant with financial resources
from other than Erasmus+ funding.

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