Knowledge Building in Action is all about building skills. Whether fulfilling a need for professional development, engendering innovation or enhancing a prosperous
working culture, your search for quality training and knowledge transfers ends here. Our instructional design specialists adhere to prevailing theories about how
adults learn in both formal and non-formal learning environments, and native speakers serve as course tutors. Once participants complete our courses, they can
return to their country of origin for a practical application of new knowledge. Courses are available in-country and online.
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Knowledge Building in Action
Knowledge Economy,
and Mindset Skills
For Women
ICTs for Technology Literacy,
Knowledge Deepening and
Knowledge Creation
Multi-Disciplinary Approach
to Phenomenon Learning
Marketing 101 for Young
The 4Cs of Future Education:
Critical Thinking, Collaboration,
Communication and Creativity
Hosting Erasmus+
KB in Action is an educational training provider at local, international and European levels, with a focus on creating partnerships for improved
learning outcomes. Our courses and offerings were designed by experts in instructional design to address the training needs of school teachers,
faculty, staff and administration,trainers and coaches, public sector staff, business executives and nonprofit boards, staff and volunteers. Courses
are intended for vocational training, retraining and professional development. Courses are delivered in a variety of languages, taught by native s
peakers; we specialize in English-language instruction by native English speakers. Our offices in Spain also allow us to devise training courses in
Spanish and Catalan, which can be scheduled anywhere in the world, as well as online.

Complementary services such as accommodations, airport transfers and local transportation can be arranged if needed through our partners
members of the Knowledge Building in Action network. Otherwise, participants take care of booking their hotel and other travel-related activities.
Those who want to apply for a KA1 grant can request our support documents via email to to begin direct communication.
About Us
Knowledge Building in Action - KBIA - began operations as a no-profit organisation created in the United States in 2010. It has evolved
into a network of organizations dedicated to improving learning outcomes. Our trainers of professionals are social entrepreneurs and
educators, the perfect combination of maintaining passion for social causes manifesting as the modern concept of a nonprofit organization,
or NGO.
For over 15 years, we have served as
course provider for customised training
programming in a variety of fields and
subject matters. If you don't see a
course from our list that fulfills your
needs for training, send us a note, and
we will begin direct communications in
order to propose a suitable course or
job shadowing.
Bringing People Together for Optimal Learning
Knowledge Building in Action