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Electronic Workspace "Knowledge Forum"

Knowledge Forum is an electronic group workspace designed to support the process of knowledge building,

transforming ideas into community knowledge. Students learn about challenges their community faces within

the context of the subject matter being taught. These issues range from climate change to improving

to a community's residents through technology and open government. When students research issues with

those faced by their partners in other communities, local issues become global.

The Knowledge Forum platform accommodations any number of individuals and groups, where they can

information, launch collaborative investigations, create multi-media presentations, and build networks of

new ideas…together. The platform can be accessed through the Internet or through a local server, and is

available in multiple languages.
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Sandra Lund-Diaz, M.Ed., Director of Strategic Partnerships and EdTech Technician
Knowledge Building in Action - A nonprofit organization
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Regularly-Scheduled Videoconferencing
Connecting students through videoconferencing is fun and exciting. By sharing information about their own

community, personal interests and culture, students form strong bonds. Get a student in front of a webcam

and watch them shine! VIA is a product of e-Solutions, a closed videoconferencing system that assures

secured privacy. It was designed to facilitate remote communications with an interactive and synchronous

online presence for communication and presentation purposes. Our VIA private room allows us to control

the tools and functionalities of the site, such as the white board, upload/download files and videocamera

feeds. Invitations to participate are issued via email, and the sessions can be recorded and accessed for

asynchronous learning.
Educator Community of Practice
Where teachers, principals, tech staff and other faculty can network with their peers, gain access to

resources, mentor and be mentored, and partner their students with others around the world.

UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

Visit our page on Technology in K-12 education to learn why we are so committed to

promoting the United Nation's Information & Technology Competency Framework for

US$39 - Annual per-student tuition

Includes teacher training, access to the electronic workspace, and regularly-scheduled videoconferencing

between classrooms.

                                       Scholarships are available!  Contact us if you are teaching in an economically-
disadvantaged  neighborhood and wish to apply for tuition waivers for your students. Click on our scholarship

​                                           icon to send us an email to

Also available.....

Summer Institute

Bringing together educators - teachers, principals, tech staff and aides - to learn about the model and from each

other. Gain proficiency in the electronic workspace so that the following school cycle classrooms can become

vibrant knowledge-building learning environments where students are partnered around the world.

Learning Exchanges

Sending groups across borders for summer learning.