Cultivate Problem Solvers
Benefits of membership include being able to network with other educators in the field. They are able to participate in videoconferencing
to discuss best practices, for project management in projects that are centered around entrepreneurship and inquiry-based learning, for
mentoring and collegial support. The Community of Practice archives a range of material accessible to members 24/7, including case
studies, research and data from funded projects, and other virtual publications. The Community of Practice also offers a mechanism for
collaboration, either in forming applicant consortia for funding opportunities, partnering classrooms around the world, or accessing ongoing
professional development and education that upgrades skills and enhances the teaching profession.
Knowledge Building in Action
A Project of Global Skills Network S.L.
Contact:  Sandra Lund-Diaz, M.Ed.
Director of Strategic Partnerships,
Instructional Design and Training
KBIA accommodates teachers and instructors from different learning
environments charged with teaching diverse disciplines and subject matters
with diverse groups of learners in an international network referred to as a
Community of Practice. These learning communities can also be created
for managers of programming sponsored by funding schemes to address
community challenges, promote economic development, support the growth
of sectors, apply innovation to systems, and a range of other purposes for
gathering together with colleagues around issues within a region or transnationally.
Members of Knowledge Building in Action Communities of Practice share common interests,
as in these few examples:
-  in promoting entrepreneurship education in its broadest definition and interact regularly
through a virtual platform and/or telecollaboration;
- in transforming education systems to learner-centric learning;
- to accelerate social inclusion and help marginalized communities integrate
- to give a voice to democracy values
- to keep updated material on an issue, topic or challenge available for wide dissemination

The model Community of Practice supports activity for participation, learning, and
engagement of its members:
Planting Seeds To
Knowledge Building in Action
A Project of Global Skills Network S.L.